We are Union 1908

We are Union 1908

Union 1908 has been founded by fans of West Didsbury & Chorlton with the explicit aims of:

  • Supporting the club (both on and off the field)
  • Supporting our local community
  • Supporting one another

This is done through fundraising, volunteering, and activism, but also by ensuring that the views of West supporters are represented when forging both the culture and the future of the club. We aim to be completely transparent on how funds are spent, with quarterly updates on our accounts. We are completely and utterly not-for-profit, with all funds raised being used in ways decided by our members.

Membership is open to any and all – whether you’ve been going home & away since before the days of Andy Nelson, or simply follow results online. By the fans, for the fans, and for the community that surrounds us all.

You can read our rules & constitution here.

For 2022/23, there is only one membership level for Union 1908 – this will get you access to the WhatsApp group, 10% off any future merchandise, as well as the ability to vote on Union matters and the ability to be a member of our organising committees.

Union 1908 is entirely independent, and is run by West supporters from both near and far – if you’re a member and would like to get involved in building our supporters club, get in touch on Twitter or Instagram.

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